Advisory issued for Tourists visiting Murree

Advisory issued for Tourists visiting Murree

Snowfall attracts thousands of tourists to Murree each year. But, due to the rapid influx of traffic, the Rawalpindi administration has instructed the tourists visiting Murree and adjacent areas to take precautionary steps.

This advisory was issued to avoid a tragic event that happened last year. Due to excessive tourist influx, at least 22 people died in cars stranded in the snow.

Because of jammed roads and enormous rush in Murree and neighboring hilly areas, the City Traffic Police (CTP) and administration of Rawalpindi have advised the tourists to take precautions while visiting Murree.

Rawalpindi Commissioner Saqib Manan Friday directed authorities to utilize all available resources in helping tourists in Murree. He advised them to keep all snow removal equipment functioning, arrange salt sprinkler machines, and assure the presence of the staff.

A control room had also been established at Jinnah Hall Murree, on the direction of the commissioner. All the department representatives will be in the control room to provide assistance. In case of emergency, tourists can contact the following numbers.




The Tourism Police were also instructed to provide adequate facilities to the tourists. The authorities were directed to display banners on roads to guide the tourists.

According to the advisory, Visitors have been requested to use petrol-based vehicles instead CNG-based vehicles. Because CNG-based vehicles may cause issues in cars due to extreme cold. They are also advised to come with full fuel tanks and avoid unnecessary travel at night. They should wear warm clothes and turn on their emergency lights.

Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, CMH Murree, and neighboring health centers have also provided arrangements for the snowfall season and two health camps have been set up at Lower Toppa and Bansra Gali.