Top 3 Destinations for January 2019

Top 3 Destinations for January 2019
Nathiagali Jan 2019


All tourists to Nathiagali in these winters have told stories about fantastic experiences. The highlight of the location is also that is closer in proximity to Islamabad, however as it is snowing you will have to drive very carefully in this region.

Average temperature (Day): 1°C

Average temperature (Night): -8°C



Hunza is still a favorite in people even in winters. Quite approachable and beautifully glazed by snow, it is a wonderful destination to visit in the winters. We recommend however, to make good arrangement for over-night stay before arrival.

Average temperature (Day): -5°C

Average temperature (Night): -12°C



Average temperature (Day): -3°C

Average temperature (Night): -12°C

If you are looking for something a bit extreme, you can visit the diverse valley of skardu.

Here's Sundus Valley, Skardu in Winters vs. Fall